Monday, July 13, 2009

A good and faithful God

Good morning. This is a devotional for single adults from Parenting Solo, but the message also applies to single adults without children who may one day marry a single parent and be a step-parent. Feel Free to forward it to a friend.

Scripture: Psalm 57:2-3 (NIV) I cry out to God Most High,
to God, who fulfills his purpose for me.
He sends from heaven and saves me,
rebuking those who hotly pursue me;
God sends his love and his faithfulness.

My confidence has its ups and downs as I search for a job. One day, I get a lot accomplished on my Todo list, and I feel great. The next day, I get a bundle of “nos” from editors for my story ideas, and my ego is crushed. The difference in how I feel at the end of the day is vastly different from how it started. How do I cope?

Let’s look at how David endures his many trials. In this Psalm, David may be hiding in a cave from Saul. David is having a bad day, having been cornered by Saul’s men. David knows he can stop running by pulling out his knife and stabbing the king who is hounding him out of pure jealousy. David knows he can end it all right then and there, but he knows that isn’t God’s purpose for his life. We can’t take shortcuts when life gets tough.

That’s the key. Look at the words again: “… to God, who fulfills his purpose for me.” David knows he can’t take the easy way out by taking Saul’s life, so he sits quietly in the cave while Saul relieves himself in front of David and his men. David had to remind himself that it wasn’t his time to be king. That’s what God expects from us when we are cornered. Remember God’s plan for our lives. That’s what I have to tell myself when I receive a half-dozen “no’s” on my work. It isn’t personal. I have a plan, and I’ve asked God to bless it. My mission is to get published, any way I can. I cannot fulfill my purpose without getting published.

Like David, I know I will feel God’s “love and faithfulness” each day. Yesterday was a rough day? Today is a new day, and I can bank on God being in my corner to love me and support me. We’re OK financially, for which I’m thankful. Sometimes I have to remind myself that God is good and has a plan for my life – especially when I’m feeling bad about myself. No matter how bad it may seem, my day isn’t nearly as people I meet on my journey. That keeps me looking ahead, to fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.

How does this apply to my life?

Today’s prayer: Lord, help me to wait patiently for your timing. Help me to see, you every day, good or bad. Help me to remember that you are good and faithful. Amen

Doug Mead
Parenting Solo

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
Vol. 4, No. 77

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