Monday, July 21, 2008

God-infused knowledge

Good morning. This is a devotional for single adults from Parenting Solo, but the message also applies to single adults without children who may one day marry a single parent and be a step-parent. Feel Free to forward it to a friend.

Scripture: Matthew 13:52 (The Message) (Jesus) said, “Then you see how every student well-trained in God’s kingdom is like the owner of a general store who can put his handle on anything you need, old or new, exactly when you need it.”

Jesus had just finished telling the parable of the thistles in the field and was trying to explain God’s kingdom to the people. The thistles represented servants of Satan, sent to destroy the kingdom Harvest. We find that God’s angels will pull up the thistles and destroy them – in the final act. When he asked them if they had a handle why he told stories, they said they understood. Jesus put a premium on being a well-trained student of the Bible because it would give one the knowledge to deal with any problem, which is wisdom. Wisdom is the key to everything you need.

As parents, we hope our children grow in knowledge as they continue their education. Today, a premium is put on getting a college education because it’s at least four more years of learning how to study in order to solve problems. When a student studies and understands the materials, it usually means a better grade. Knowing the material down the road is what is important, not getting a good grade and then forgetting what you studied. That’s the way it is with the Bible; it isn’t about reading it, forgetting it and not using it. We must retain knowledge in order to use it for the kingdom.

That’s why reading and studying the Bible is so important. I have come to value reading the Bible with a daily plan because I see its importance. I read it first thing in the morning (ideally before the newspaper or the Internet). Then I pray and write. That’s my quiet time; it amounts to about 30 minutes a day. I need that time to be first thing in the morning, so that I make God my priority from the beginning. I also am involved in two Bible studies, one a couples group that meets twice a month, and one a men’s group that meets every Wednesday night. In the group studies, we usually don’t get past more than a few verses at a time, because we’re also discussing it. It helps to know what others think about the passages. Sometimes, I read different translations to get a different take. This year, I am reading The Message for these devotions.

God wants us all to be well-trained in his Word because it gives us preparation for what comes our way each day. It gives us a basis for living. The Bible teaches us how to deal with the thistles the world throws at us. It’s a guide for kingdom living. The more we study it, the better we are able to tackle life’s problems. It’s sort of like osmosis; as we read God’s word, his knowledge just sort of seeps out of the pages and into our minds. That’s how God works. With that kind of lifestyle, whenever we need wisdom, it’s there because God grants wisdom to those who are prepared.

How does this apply to my life?

Today’s prayer: Lord, give me wisdom as I study your word. Give me the knowledge to deal with today’s problems. Help me to live for today. Amen

Doug Mead

Parenting Solo

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Vol. 3, No. 91

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