Monday, February 08, 2010

All life is precious

Good morning. Today’s scripture comes from John 10:10 (New Living Translation): The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

Yesterday, my wife and I watched the Super Bowl, hooping to catch the Tim Tebow ad sponsored by Focus on the Family, on the right to life. Before the game, some sports fans and pro abortionists spoke out against CBS' decision to run the ad because it was such a “controversial subject.” Somehow, we missed the ad during the game, so this morning we got up and looked for the ad online. The ad could not have been less controversial. In fact, it was downright cute. (See links below.) If you didn't know about the ad beforehand, you might not guess that it was a pro life statement.

We watched the 30-second ad on, and then went to Focus on the Family's Web site, which I think was the point of the ad. There, we could open a link to the real Tim Tebow story, with Bob and Pam Tebow being interviewed. The Tebows were missionaries in the Philippines when Pam got pregnant with Timmy (as she calls him in the ad). Doctors told the Tebows that there were complications, that the baby would probably born with birth defects, and that they should consider abortion. After praying, the Tebows, who already had four healthy children, decided to keep the baby and to trust God with whatever lay ahead of them.

Well, you know the rest of the story. Tim Tebow was born healthy and full-sized. He grew up to be a 6-foot-4, 245-pound quarterback who won the Heisman Trophy two years ago and has led the University of Florida to two national championships. He's also a would-be evangelist in his own right, going into prisons and going on summer mission trips to the Philippines to share the gospel, just as his mom and dad raised him to do. When Timmy was born, Bob promised the Lord he would raise him up to be a preacher. His full-time preaching days may have to wait awhile, as the younger Tebow has a budding professional football career ahead of him.

As my wife and I watched the real story of Tim Tebow on, I listened intently to what the Tebows said. They raised their children to have goals beyond everyday life. They sent their children on mission trips when they were 15, so that they could learn about life in third-world countries and to have eternal values. They grew up with a heart for other people and other countries. Tim Tebow was able to see people in real-life struggles and gain real perspective. He learned the power of the gospel, which is powerful, transforms lives and gives hope. The Tebows focused their efforts on eternal values, not worldly values; they gave their children a strong work ethic and what scripture says is important,not what society labels as important.

We can all learn valuable lessons from the Tebow's story. What kind of message would we have learned had Pam Tebow chosen to abort her child 22 years ago?

How does this apply to my life?

Today's prayer: Lord, thank you for the boldness of the Tebows, and I pray a blessing upon their family. I pray that you bless their message today, and that thousands of girls and women choose to have their babies because of their story. Amen

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