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We can depend on God’s word

Good morning. This is a devotional for single adults from Parenting Solo, but the message also applies to single adults without children who may one day marry a single parent and be a step-parent. Feel Free to forward it to a friend.

Scripture: John 8:14-17 (The Message) Jesus replied, “You’re right that you only have my word. But you can depend on it being true. I know where I’ve come from and where I go next. You don’t know where I’m from or where I’m headed. You decide according to what you can see and touch. I don’t make judgments like that. But even if I did, my judgment would be true because I wouldn’t make it out of the narrowness of my experience but in the largeness of the One who sent me, the Father.”

It is easy to get caught up in the “I feel game.” The trouble is, our feelings let us down. Ever put your trust in someone of the opposite sex and been wrong? We all have. It is human nature. So where do we go for answers? To the lips of Jesus Christ. As the scripture says, we can depend on his word being true. His word will guide us down the straight and narrow path that guides us through life. If we base our choices on our experiences, our choices have dwindled.

We all want to be strong and make our own decisions, from rebellious teenagers to middle-aged single adults on their own again for the first time, after perhaps 10-20 years of marriage. Decisions are easier when two are discussing the potential pitfalls. Two heads think better than one. The Bible is meant to be more than just good reading of history, poetry, prophecy and parables. God’s word is meant to direct us through the winding roads of life. The Bible’s myriad of stories show us the consequences of poor choices.

Bad judgment can lead to serious consequences. We teachers tell our teenage students that all the time. “Think before you speak.” That alone will get us through many difficulties. Who we listen to for wise counsel matters, too. If all teenagers do is listen to other teenagers, where are they getting their wisdom? If a single mom listens only to those in her divorce recovery group, where does the knowledge come from? We must spread our wings and build relationships, so that we have options when we need advice.

Rehoboam, Solomon’s son and heir to the throne of Israel and Judah, got an earful after he returned from asylum in Egypt to lead the people. His father’s advisers told him to lighten up on the people’s workload (2 Chronicles 10:3-4), but Rehoboam, instead, followed the advice of his young turk buddies, who told him to work the people even harder (vs. 10). The people rebelled, and the king was forced to flee to safety in Jerusalem. He wouldn’t listen and lost half his kingdom. Note, also, that Rehoboam failed to seek God’s wisdom when faced with a tough decision. God wants to hear from us when we need wisdom. We must first ask for his advice. God speaks to us through his Word more than any other medium. First, we must open it to gain its wisdom.

How does this apply to my life?

Today’s prayer: Amen

Doug Mead
Parenting Solo

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Vol. 3, No. 164

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